Tax Services

Whether you are an individual seeking your tax return prepared, a business owner with simple or complex business structures, or the trustee of a taxable trust, the Patricia Hartman is ready to provide you with excellence in tax preparation and consultation services to help you legally minimize your tax liability.

For more than 30 years, Patricia Hartman has been meeting the needs of her tax clients by providing personal attention, accessibility, and reliable results.

Amending Tax Returns

  • Did you overpay taxes in a previous year which might be corrected by filing an amended return?
  • Did you receive a tax reporting form after you filed your taxes?Patricia Hartman can assist you with filing amended tax returns to the extent that they may be filed. Ms. Hartman will assist you with understanding the tax implications of the filing, as well as the limitations that are imposed by the tax laws.

Business Tax Preparation

  • Are you compliant with your business tax reporting?
  • Are you maximizing your income by legally minimizing your taxes by taking advantage of tax laws to your advantage?
  • Would you like an accountant who prepares you for tax season by reviewing your year’s performance to estimate you upcoming taxes?
  • Is your tax structure the best one for your business?
  • Are your shareholders being paid a “reasonable compensation” according to the tax code?

Patricia Hartman has been consulting with business clients for over 30 years to help them navigate the tax code in order to file the appropriate tax returns. She doesn’t just take your numbers and plug them in a machine. Ms. Hartman personally meets with you to determine the best outcome possible for your business situation.

Delinquent Taxes

  • Are you tax payments past due?
  • Are you getting notices from the IRS?
  • Are there ways to make installment payments to the IRS?
  • Are you afraid that the IRS is going to levy or confiscate your property?

When dealing with taxing authorities, it is important to understand the various remedies that are available to the taxpayer to minimize the penalties and interest that accrue on delinquent taxes. Some may be abated. Others may be able to be deferred. Patricia Hartman can help you negotiate this are of tax law to reduce the penalty implications based up on your situation. Call the professional you can trust.

Estate and Gift Tax Return Preparation

  • Are you in charge of the administration of an estate?
  • Do you know what needs to be reported and when?
  • Do you need assets appraised?

Estate tax returns have serious implications related to the values included on the return. Patricia Hartman have been assisting clients with the accounting and preparation of gift and estate returns for more than 30 years.

Individual Tax Preparation

  • Has your tax return become more complicated than you are comfortable preparing?
  • Are you constantly surprised by what you owe?

Patricia Hartman’s clients have been entrusting her to prepare their personal tax returns so that they are able to sleep at night and not worry about the accuracy or reliability of their reporting.

IRS Resolutions

  • Do you owe back-taxes?
  • Have you received a notice from the IRS related to taxes and need help responding?
  • Are your shareholders paid “reasonable compensation” as required by the IRS?

Patricia Hartman has been assisting clients with their IRS matters for over 30 years.

Payroll Compliance

  • Do you have workers who should be getting paid payroll but are rather being paid as subcontractors?
  • Do you have shareholders who are not paid “reasonable compensation” per the tax code?
  • Are you filing and paying your payroll taxes timely?

Patricia Hartman has been helping clients maintain their payroll compliance with taxing authorities for over 30 years. Call the professional you can trust.

Tax Notices

  • Did you receive a tax notice from the IRS or other taxing agency?
  • Do you know how to respond to avoid more notices?
  • Did you receive an audit notice from the IRS or other taxing agency?

Answering tax notices can be a frightening experience, especially if you don’t understand the tax implications of the matters that are being questioned. Understanding audit procedures in paramount when responding the IRS. Patricia Hartman has been assisting clients deal with taxing authorities for over 30 years, providing clients peace of mind. Call the professional you can trust.

Trust Tax Return Preparation

  • Are you the trustee for a trust which requires a tax return?
  • Is your trust reporting being done accurately?

There are a variety of types of trusts which require annual reporting. Patricia Hartman has been assisting clients with the preparation of trust tax returns for over 30 years. Call Ms. Hartman to help you determine which tax returns need to be filed to keep your trust compliant with Federal Tax laws.

Sales Tax and Use Tax Returns

  • Do you have to file Sales Tax or Use Tax returns with Florida or any other state?
  • Did you get an audit notice related to your Sales & Use Tax filings?

Clients are sometimes surprised at items which are taxable for sales tax in businesses, separate and apart from actual business sales. Patricia Hartman has spent over 30 years helping clients navigate the ins and outs of the Florida Sales Tax laws.