Trust Accounting and Tax Preparation

Patricia Hartman has been providing the trustees with excellence in trust accounting and trust tax preparation for over 25 years. When you need personal attention, accessibility, and reliable results, call Patricia. She is committed to outcomes you can trust.

Trust Accounting Services

  • Are you the fiduciary of a trust?
  • Do you know the difference between principal and income as it relates to trust accounting?
  • What kind of trust are you managing?
  • Do you need to provide an accounting of that trust to the beneficiaries?

Fiduciaries of trusts (those who have the financial responsibility to manage the trust according to the trust documents) may be accountable to report the activities of the trust to others (often the beneficiaries). Patricia Hartman has been providing trust accounting services for over twenty years.

Trust Tax Preparation

  • Are you the trustee for a trust which requires a tax return?
  • Is your trust reporting being done accurately?

Many trusts, such as irrevocable  and charitable remainder trusts, require annual reporting. Patricia Hartman has been preparing trust tax returns for 25 years. Call Patricia to help you determine which tax returns need to be filed to keep your trust compliant with Federal Tax laws.