Business Services

Whether you are just starting your business or are a seasoned business seeking specific services for your business, Patricia Hartman is ready to provide you with services targeted at increasing your workflow, protecting your assets, and improving your bottom line.

For more than 25 years, Ms. Hartman has been meeting the needs of her business clients by providing personal attention, accessibility, and reliable results.

Business Advisory Services

  • Considering a change to the way you operate?
  • Thinking about bringing in partners?
  • Need capital to expand your business?
  • Want to move or buy more equipment, but are unsure of the benefits v. the consequences?

Patricia Hartman can help give you trusted advice to help you attain your goals.

Business Formation Consulting

  • What business structure is the best for your business?
    • Corporation?
    • LLC?
    • Partnership?
  • What are the tax advantages/consequences of each?

Patricia Hartman will help you get the right start to your new business venture.

Business Valuations

  • How much is your business worth?
  • Considering selling or buying a business?
  • Involved in litigation related to the value of your business?

Patricia Hartman is certified by the AICPA and the NACVA to perform business valuation services. Whether you need a formal business valuation or a simpler form of value, call today.

Tax Registration Assistance

  • Once you file your new entity with the state, then what?
  • Besides the state, who else do you have to file with?
  • How do you get a tax identification number?
  • Will you need to make any IRS elections related to your business?
  • How do you file payroll returns?
  • How do you get a sales tax number?
  • How do you file sales tax returns?

Filing and reporting to the appropriate agencies is critical. Even the way you fill out the forms to get a Federal tax identification number has implications. If you file for an LLC, you may need to file an additional document with the IRS to select the type of tax filing you intend to utilize. Patricia Hartman has been helping businesses get off to the right start for 25 years.

Accounting System Set-up & Maintenance

  • How will you maintain your accounting?
    • Will you require bookkeeping services?
    • Will you need to hire an internal or external bookkeeper or accountant?
    • Will you use QuickBooks or another software program?
    • How can you protect your money by the way you set up your system?

Setting up your accounting functions correctly when you start your business may save you from making costly errors down the road. It’s important that your accounting system provides you with the information you need to manage your business. And, when tax time comes, you want your information to be in good order to save on tax preparation fees. Patricia Hartman has helped businesses get a strong start for over 25 years.

QuickBooks Consulting

  • Are you planning to use QuickBooks for your new company?
  • Are you planning to convert your bookkeeping to QuickBooks?
  • Are you using QuickBooks, but it’s not giving you the information that you need?
  • Do you have the right type of QuickBooks for your organization?
  • Does your chart of accounts read like War and Peace?
  • Do you have good controls on which employees can access areas of your financial information, thereby reducing the chance for fraud?
  • Will you use cloud-based or local?

While QuickBooks is a powerful tool, it can be overwhelming to learn or maintain. Without proper controls, it can increase your risk for fraud. Patricia Hartman can guide you through installation and set-up, as well as help you find the most efficient way to utilize your system.

Tax Preparation

  • Which tax forms are you are required to file?
  • How and when do you file them?
  • How do you file a return for an LLC?
  • When are payroll returns due and how do you pay them?
  • Do you have to file sales tax returns, and if so, when?
  • Are you paying sales tax on all the appropriate items?
  • Are you paying too much tax?

Tax compliance is critical to any organization. Patricia Hartman can guide you through decisions about your optimal filing structure, as well as help you with compliance with all the taxing authorities under which you might be subject. With over 25 years of helping clients with their tax compliance, Ms. Hartman can help you maximize your profits while minimizing the taxes to the greatest possible extent allowed by the law.

Tax Planning

  • “I owe how much?”

Have you ever been blindsided on April 15th by the amount of taxes you owe because no one bothered to do tax planning with you the prior year. Patricia Hartman encourages year-end tax planning to discuss the impact of profit fluctuations, as well as consultations before making large financial decisions, giving you time to plan and prepare for any financial contingencies.

Fraud Prevention and Detection

  • How safe is your business from fraud?
  • How can you safeguard your assets from theft or other forms of fraud?
  • Do you have good controls built into your business to prevent fraud?
  • Do you suspect that someone is stealing your assets?

Patricia Hartman, a Certified Fraud Examiner, has been helping clients review their internal controls and fraud environment for 20 years to help ensure that their hard-earned money goes into their pocket and not someone else’s. Call Mrs. Hartman to come out to do a fraud inspection so that she can help you to prevent fraud before it happens or if you suspect that it is happening.

Dispute Resolutions

  • Do you owe back-taxes?
  • Have you received a notice from the IRS related to taxes and need help responding?
  • Are you involved with a partner, shareholder or member dispute related to ownership interest in a business?
  • Are you involved in a civil suit that requires forensic analysis?
  • Are you getting divorced and need forensic accounting services to help you understand the financial aspects of your divorce?
  • Have you been the target of a fraud?

Patricia Hartman has been assisting clients who are involved in various disputes to help them resolve their matters as expeditiously as possible so that the clients obtain the best possible legal outcomes. Patricia has been certified by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) in financial forensics. Let her help you resolve your case today.our case today.

IRS Resolutions

  • Do you owe back-taxes?
  • Have you received a notice from the IRS related to taxes and need help responding?
  • Are your shareholders paid “reasonable compensation” as required by the IRS?

Patricia Hartman helps take the fear away when dealing with the IRS.